All about the Willma Poppen project!

The Willma Poppen project was initiated by a forum chat of musicians about pop music, and why it is so successful. All participants in the chat had the opinion, that pop music is overrated and that the most simplistic and infantile music generates the most cash. So the idea was born to start a community project with the goal to "become rich as f*** by creating and releasing stupid and simplistic musical trash". Well... that didn't work as expected. ;) A first track was roughly created and most contributors contributed less and less material to the project. In 2010, I, Jürgen Wolther from Hamburg / Germany asked all contributors if it was ok that I take over the whole project. That was, because at that time, I split my artistical identity into 3 and needed a project for my own works in the genres Techno, Synthpop and EDM-ish music. The contributors, or team members, gladly agreed and so I could finally release the first Willma Poppen album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" in fall 2010. The title of that album is, what me and the other project contributors called ourselves and it was a hommage to those lazy but great people ;). I developed the sound of the project to a more progressive and experimental style and in 2015 "Willma im Wunderland" was released, which was a great success, in terms of album sales and streams. The biggest surprise was, that a single track of that album, "RaumZeit", was by far the bestseller among all alionmind records projects. So this tells me, that this underrated project (by me and others) is surprisingly POPPular :D.
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